Orca Security

Orca's founders understood that modern computing technologies and the cloud required a re-architecture of security, so they set out to change the game.

Their vision turned into the industry’s first agentless cloud security solution, providing customers with comprehensive and lightweight coverage never seen before. With a patent for this revolutionary SideScanning™ technology, Orca pioneered the path for modern cloud security and continues on the path of innovation.

With a Unified Data model offering contextual security insights, as well as a platform approach to securing your cloud infrastructure, Orca revolutionizes security and leads the conversation at every turn.

Orca Security Provides Agentless API Security in the Cloud | Cloud Security Tools and Solutions

Usage of APIs in cloud native development continues to skyrocket, making it a top security concern for organizations. Security leaders and teams need complete visibility into their full inventory of both managed and unmanaged APIs, as well as a way to identify, prioritize and address API misconfigurations and risks. Orca Security delivers complete API discovery, posture management, and drift detection, helping your team manage the API risks posing the most danger to your cloud environment.