Google Cloud

Bring the simplicity, scale, security, and intelligence of Google’s information approach to your organization. Google offers a complete data foundation to unify all workloads and manage the entire data life cycle. The solution is designed to run data anywhere, so you can leverage your data across all clouds, on-premises, and access it in the most popular SaaS apps. This solution is built with and for AI, so you can get the latest tools for machine learning analysis, prompting, tuning, training, and deploying custom foundation models—all connected to your business data.

Getting started with Google Cloud

Want to get started on your own Google Cloud project? In this episode of Google Cloud Platform Essentials, Stephanie Wong shows you how to navigate the Google Cloud Console, manage projects with Cloud Shell, and speak to some best practices when starting to build your first Google Cloud project. Watch to learn how you can get started and use Google Cloud for your developer needs!