The Fortinet Security Fabric brings together the concepts of convergence and consolidation to provide comprehensive cybersecurity protection for all users, devices, and applications and across all network edges.

Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA) is an architectural approach that promotes interoperability between distinct security products to achieve a more consolidated security posture. The Fortinet Security Fabric reduces operational complexity while ensuring compliance, emphasizes interoperability as well as analytics, intelligence, centralized management, and automation, and integrates with a broad ecosystem of technologies and vendors. 

FortiGuard Threat Intelligence


As cyber threats continue to grow and evolve, so does the need for innovative solutions and reliable threat intelligence. Using millions of global network sensors, FortiGuard Labs monitors the worldwide attack surface and employs artificial intelligence (AI) to mine that data for new threats, ensuring you are prepared for what's coming. 

Secure Digital Acceleration

Growing and scaling digital business while protecting a distributed infrastructure has never been more critical or complex. Networks today are centers of innovation and enable digital acceleration. Fortinet's Secure Networking converges networking technologies with AI-powered security across all edges to close security gaps and help organizations achieve better user experience. 

FortiCient User & Device Protection

User and Device Security provides both signature-based and behavior-based endpoint protections with the ability to remediate the effects of an attack. For safe access, Tufin's solutions provide zero-trust controls for identifying users, authenticating them, and then granting them access to networks and applications. 

2024 Threat Predictions Report | FortiGuard Labs

The FortiGuard Labs team looks at a new era of advanced cyber crime, examines how AI is changing the (attack) game, shares fresh threat trends to watch for this year and beyond, and offers advice on how organizations everywhere can enhance their collective resilience against an evolving threat landscape.