Advanced MDM Management

Course Advanced MDM Management

Many administrators are 'volunteered' into MDM management (along with wearing 10 other hats). This causes many of them to grapple with the intracies of MDM Management. They might have had experience with a small firewall environment, but enterprise concepts such as global policies, partitioning global policies, firewall groups, debugging MDS, MLM logging, MDS migration, CMA migration, command line basics, backups, and restores are all mentioned in the literature, but it is difficult to get the hands-on experience needed to master these concepts. In addition, MDM is the best enterprise security management platform on the market because it scales so well....but there are certain techiques that must be learned in order to scale efficiently.

The Check Point CCMSE course teaches administrators Day 1 of MDM management--install and configure. This course is Day 2 and beyond, and is geared for the 'hesitant' MDM administrator who wants a greater understanding of the tool for daily operational management.



1 long day - 9 -10 hours!!

  1. Course Overview
  2. MDS Overview
  3. Advanced MDS

   for a detailed outline.


This class has about 6 labs in it. All labs are instructor led and students replicate instructors actions. Instructor will then give independent lab tests to ensure students have grasped the concepts.
  1. CCSA
  2. Installed 5 SmartGateways
  3. Installed 1 SmartCenter
  4. Know some basic Unix: find, cp, cd, ls, more, less,’|’, grep
  5. Know how to use ‘vi’ to copy and paste
  6. Debugged 25 problems using SmartTracker
  7. Created and installed 200 rules on your own
  8. Know CheckPoint command line commands for 2 months day-to-day
  9. Know what SIC is
  10. Know what CPMI, CPD, CPD_amon, control connections
  11. Know what PKI certificates are and how they are kept in ICA
  12. Networks: default route, masks, routing, routing tables, traceroute, ifconfig
  1. 6 - laptops with VMware environments
  2. Powerpoint slides
  3. Cheatsheets