SmartCenter/SmartGateway Management

Course SmartCenter/SmartGateway Management

Check Point CCSA/CCSE does a great job of teaching students how to setup and configure domain management stations and gateways. But what happens on Day 2 through Day XXXX after you setup your firewall? Probably a good chance that it will break, or you will have to add complex rulesets, or you will have to upgrade or someone will blame the firewall for a general network problem.

This course is for Check Point administrators that know the basics of firewalls, but need more operational hands-on experience with firewall administration:

  • Adminstrators on other firewall products but new to CheckPoint
  • Backup administrators 'drafted' into full-time firewall administration
  • SOC/NOC leads that need more in-depth knowledge for debugging
  • Firewall admins that are not comfortable with SPLAT command line

This course evolves around labs that reflect real-world experiences. 50% of the calls firewall administrators get are not related to the firewall, but the firewall can help track down the real problem. So this course is a mix of using the firewall as a tool for network diagnostics and debugging the firewall itself.


2  8-hour days

  1. Day One: SmartGateway, SmartCenter, Advanced Topics I
  2. Day Two Morning: Advanced Topics II
  3. Day  Two Afternoon: Firewall Break,Detect and Fix
    This is where the fun starts. Teams of students working together to find, detect (and sometimes fix) failed network applications. Debugging starts at the physical layer and ends only when the application is working 100% again. Could be the firewall or could be??????

 for a highly detailed outline.


There are about 15 labs in this course. Students spend most their time on labs. Labs will be instructor led. Instructor will demonstrate each step and students will repeat on their own lab environments. The goal is to reinforce the course materials through hands-on experience.

  1. Mandatory
    1. TCP/IP Networking - IP addressing, routes, ports,
  2. Helpful
    1. SmartGateway experience would be helpful not required
    2. General knowledge of CheckPoint products
    3. General Unix commands for navigation

  1. 6 - laptops with VMware environments
  2. Powerpoint slides