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If I was CEO - MDM would be my only focus

posted Nov 5, 2011, 6:39 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 16, 2011, 6:46 AM ]
Dear Gil,
As you know I am a total Check Point techie addict (aside from licensing). You have personally guided the company to be a billion dollar pillar in the security marketplace and have provided me a good living through it. I couldn't pack your lunch. I know you receive hundreds of unsolicited opinions on how to run your business from the peanut gallery every day and choosing a winner is very complex, but overall you have picked winners. Hats off to you.
So here is another know-it-all opinion from the peanut gallery. Take the gems, flush the turds and go make another billion for all of us.
I understand that Check Point's goal is to grow into a multibillion shekel security behemouth. The current strategy seems to be by offering every flash-in -the-pan security widget known to personkind to the marketplace. Today I noticed you bought another company Dynasec specializing in Governance and Compliance. So I ask myself how does Check Point or any company avoid the black hole of getting a sales force to sell so many disparate products. A PRODUCT oriented sales force which already has problems selling too many SKUs now has to learn to sell a SERVICE in a very competitive market. Will Check Point become the next Cisco? Losing focus and having a sales force running in circles selling routers, home firewalls, security services....blenders and who knows what.
MDM management and logging is the core of Check Point that has kept mama and its babies fed through the Ciscos, Junipers, and Palo Altos. WHY? Centralized management reduces TCO...less administrators, higher reliability. Easy focused sell. History has shown us that any attempt to create ancillary products that are not focused on MDM management and logging result in tepid sales at best. WHY? Sales force now has to learn a new product and compete against the best the marketplace has to offer. Very difficult pushing a rope uphill based on price alone.
BEGIN Peanut Gallery:
Any new product/service should be focused on MDM. That way MDM pulls that sale with the TCO pitch vs. pushing a rope uphill in a crowded market as a standalone product with the only competitive selling point is price. Cisco was giving ASA away for free and they still have problems displacing the mighty MDM.
In addition: Quit canabalizing your OPSEC partners. They usually have awesome products and Check Point is usually 5 versions behind the technology curve. Rather encourage them to integrate into MDM with an API. Or purchase the best OPSEC partner that integrates cleanly into MDM. Or license a portion of the technology (perhaps the low end) and brand it as CP and integrate into MDM.
Example: IPS is the perfect example.  IPS is your only product that integrates (weakly) into MDM. Now look at all your products and SERVICES and do the same. MDM will pull IPS product sales so a sales force does not have to push it uphill based on price alone.
END Peanut Gallery:
OK so we both started in the security business at the same time and you wound up with personal jets and bodyguards and I'm driving a 2006 Scion xA (most reliable car in USA) living in a 900sf condo. I'm just hoping you read this and take the best parts to make another billion so I can move up to a 2009 Scion xD (most reliable car in USA) and maybe buy this 1200sf condo I've been looking at.