TotalCare Support

Service TotalCare Support
Background Midpoint believes that customers who are trained and have a second set of eyes reviewing their work will rarely need support. With that in mind, this package is designed to proactively address issues before they result in downtime.
Service Description
  1. Customer gets engineer assigned to their account.
  2. Initial status meeting for face-to-face, gather topologies, exchange remote access credentials,
    discuss current issues and future plans.
  3. Stand-in for daily operations when staff is on vacation or for other staffing voids (remote only).
  4. Quarterly brown bag training per year -- could be on-site or video conference.
  5. Quarterly health checks.
  6. Yearly license review and product mapping.
  7. Mandatory reviews prior to major modifications and upgrades.
Estimated Hours       Per hour
  1. Business day support 7-5 CST.
  2. Best effort after hours.
  3. Must have CheckPoint support so tickets can be opened.
  4. All admins must have CCSA training and, if applicable, P1 training.
  5. Must have accessible VMware environment for lab testing
    (Midpoint may expand this to hosting it in future).
Not Included
  • On-site support is separate.
Recommended Training
  • TCP/IP administration.
  • MDM Training.
  • $25,000 base includes 1 management station, 1 gateway/cluster +$2,000 for each additional blade or system that is implemented (e.g. SmartGateway, URL filtering, App control, VPN, DLP, SmartEvent/Reporter, etc.)
  • Normal remote support without package is $250/hour.
  • Remote support with package is free.
  • On-site services are provided at professional services pricing.