Migration Services

Service Upgrade/Migration Support Services
Background At first glance upgrades would seem to be easy to perform. In reality, they are the most complex service to provide. Automated tools cannot catch the many years of nuances built into a system. Years of experience upgrading various systems have taught us that a well-planned, structured upgrade process is what is needed for our clients.
Service Description
  1. Pre-upgrade survey: Network maps, application asset inventory, why/what version to upgrade to, hardware platform, past issues, test/verification strategy, "sensitive" applications that break easily, political implications, licenses, etc.
  2. Sign-off on SoW for upgrade.
  3. Purchase equipment for upgrade.
  4. Perform backup and restore process to ensure emergency recovery can be peformed. This may entail pulling a RAID1 drive that will be used for emergency restore.
  5. Identify custom files on system that may not transfer over during upgrade.
  6. Identify critical information flows for pre/post upgrade testing.
  7. Export current configuration.
  8. Install new version from scratch. NOTE: Midpoint highly recommends NOT to perform in-place upgrade. Midpoint will not warranty any in-place upgrades.
  9. Import configuration into new version.
  10. Perform post-upgrade verification testing.
  11. Return in one week for Firewall Health Check.
  12. Debrief and training on new version.
  13. Sign-off on SoW completion.
  • Upgraded software version.
  • Anomaly report.
Estimated Hours
  • Per hour
  • Export-Migrations only supported and warrantied.
  • Firewalls and management stations.
Not Included
  • In-place upgrades. Midpoint will not warranty, and they are only provided at higher rate.
  • Auxiliary products: DLP, OPSEC hooks, URL filtering, etc.
Recommended Training
  • TCP/IP administration.
  • MDM Training.
  • $200/hour for migration package.
  • $300/hour for general customer-directed upgrade services.