Firewall Health Check

Service Firewall Health Check

Over time, firewall configurations retain legacy settings that may impact performance, security and reliability. Health checks ensure that firewalls are configured to OEM best practices. This service can be especially valuable prior to an upgrade, in order to ensure legacy settings are left behind.

Another value is to set a baseline as your environment scales.  Ideally one purchases a pack of health checks over a period of months/years, so that over time you can see if your firewall is degrading in performance. Our health check highlights problems that are going negative from the baseline over time. You can then do before/after performance comparisons and determine if replacement gear is justified.

Service Description
  1. Review physical platform parameters for disk, memory, warranty, cpu performance, etc.
  2. Review Linux OS parameters for virtual memory, disk I/O, process utilization, etc.
  3. Review Firewall Kernel for cluster status, memory utilization, SecureXL parameters, OEM known limitations.
  4. Review network for cabling or interface errors, interface speeds.
  5. Review rulebase for security best practice basics: stealth rule, drop rule, rule formatting and commenting, global property standards, revision controls.
  6. Review logging configuration for proper performance and capacity.
  7. Review administrative access controls.
  8. Review backup and restore procedures. Verify restore.
  • Final report with findings and recommendations.
  • History of health check results over time and highlighting were configurations are degrading over time.
Estimated Hours
  • 2 hours per firewall.
  • Firewall only, not ancillary products (IPS, URL filtering, DLP, etc).
  • Need access during heavy usage periods.
  • Need administrative access.
Not Included
  • This is not a rule review or security audit. This is mainly to address configuration standards.
  • No support issues, different scope.
  • No modifications to firewall.
Recommended Training
  • TCP/IP administration.
  • MDS Enterprise Firewall Management.

$/firewall + expenses.